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James N. in Potc: CotBP

er.. hello there)))
firstly, I was wondering if this community's still alive)) ...'coz I ..well, I was trrying to find anything useful on James' costume but it seems I'm not really going anywhere with it*(
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I've done the costume, and learned a lot from it. I've been meaning to scan the pattern pieces I designed and share them, but I've not got around to it yet. The base pattern is the Simplicity PotC pattern... add a collar, reduce the front, add panels, lengthen the sleeves, lengthen the vest. The shirt is perfect for Norrington as well, right down to the sleeve ruffle.

I'm about to re-make this costume (I found period wool!) and when I pull the pattern out again, I'll make sure they find their way to the scanner. It may just take a month or so. Remind me mid-October if I've not done so.

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You can start on the costume now while waiting for lazy me to scan the alterations to the coat... I used the pattern's pants (no alterations) and the vest (add about 5 inches to the longer vest... at least I had to do so for my 6'1" husband), and find a tricorn hat to sew gold double-fold bias tape on. I have found screen accurate trim, but they only sell it wholesale and it's $5 a yard - I used 16 yards. (I can't believe I spent that much on trim!)
aw my gawd!!! this is absolutely great! the costume and the photo itself8) you look so sweet..ah! well, ok, I'll try to remember to remind you about the scans ))))

but I'm a little confused.. I guess I'm just not completely awake yet, but still.. what pattern do you mean? is it here in the community and I just missed it or what?)
ahem, and what fabric did you use?
You can check out www.costumersguide.com The webmistress there does have some good reference pics for the PotC costumes. Under the misc. section of PotC: AWE she has some pics for Norrington.
god, I'm having a blonde moment... can't find the abovementioned misc. section.... 8_8
You can check out my gallery for some reference pics.
my oh my!! thank you!...
I do think these will help a lot.. and I mean a lot...