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Lauren {Tess}

NEW Pirate Elizabeth [PotC] costume for sale...

To those intrigued,

I am looking to sell a Pirate Elizabeth [Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest] costume that I've been constructing over the past few months. The costume is unworn and, at this point in time, not quite finished. I had been planning to finish and wear the costume to the Maryland Renaissance Festival last weekend, but life got in the way and prevented me from pulling it together in time. The garments are very well constructed [please feel free to look through my gallery to see samples of my previous work, if curious] and the fabrics were carefully chosen, of period weave, and will be accurately weathered. Included would be the shirt, vest, jacket, trousers, and boots. Everything has been made to fit a 36" bust, 28" waist, and 38" hips, but there are a few inches of leeway on all garments, especially the waistband of the pants. The boots, which are authentic to the style Elizabeth wears in the movie, are a size 7, but are quite roomy on me, so I'd estimate they'd fit up to a size 8 or possibly even an 8.5. As I said, everything is unworn and in pristine condition. The only part of the costume not included is the hat, because, well, I like mine so I'm keeping it, dammit. XP The materials for this costume came to almost $60 and the boots were $40. I am selling the costume for best offer, but please know that I am looking for at least $100 to cover the cost of construction.

As I've now had a few requests for pictures of the costume, I finally got around to uploading some that I took several weeks ago. Please note, again, that this is unfinished. The vest and jacket are still largely unsewn [the vest is pinned in place in some of these pictures, actually], the vest needs entirely re-dyed, and both require a lot of detailing to be added to them. I also intend on weathering everything once I've finished the actual construction of the garments. All in all, I still have about 15-20 hours of work left to put into the costume.

Without jacket:
Side shot + Boots
Back shot
Front shot

With Jacket:
Front shot
Back shot

This is a VERY well-made costume, cleanly constructed, and something which I fully anticipated competing with, myself. You will be getting a GOOD product, and I can have the costume finished and ready to ship within two weeks. You would have it before Halloween! I have already had several offers for this costume, but will not be making a decision on who to sell to for at least a week, so offers are very much appreciated and still being accepted. Please email me, hunt me down on AIM [lolita moi], or drop me a PM via if interested, and thanks for reading! <333

@-->--- Tess

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