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will's fancy dress at the end of COTB

hi, i am going to be joining the society for creative anachronism soon, and i will be needing an appropriate period outfit to wear. i'm in love with will's cavalier outfit from the end of pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl; but obviously it's not going to have been worn during the time frame the sca uses.

i was wondering if any of you know much about that outfit, and if you could tell me the name of the shirt or vest, and when they might have been worn; i believe the vest is a sea jerkin, which could probably vastly pre-date the rest of his getup.

anyways, any information you can give me about this would be greatly appreciated; as well as any sites that sell recreations of parts of this costume.

i'd really like to be a pirate at the sca, but i just don't think the time lines up good.

thanks for any assistance you can offer me.
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I don't know of any sites that sell the outfit - they may be out there, but I've never looked for it.

His outfit in this scene is kind of crazy. They never really pin down the date for POTC in canon, but the clothing, weapons and ships cover most of the 18th century. To me, most of Will's outfit is fine for the eighteenth century, except for the hat and cape.

IIRC, both of these items were worn by the main character at the very end of the film The Musketeer, which is set in the 17th century. I'm not sure why they chose them for Will, except that they wanted to give him the air of a romantic hero.

I'm not familiar with the SCA, but I see that they deal with pre-17th century, so I'm not sure if his outfit will work for you. If you want any info on the 18th century portions (shirt, waistcoat, breeches, etc.), I can certainly expand on that topic!