Nadine aka Pippin (elvishtard) wrote in potc_costuming,
Nadine aka Pippin

PotC costume and other items for sale! x-posted

My boyfriend and I are trying to clear space in our closet and found a bunch of awesome stuff that someone else might enjoy!

We have doubles of most of this stuff, and/or can't wear/use it any more. If you see one thing you want out of a lot of items, please request the item you want and I can reprice it by it's self.

Shipping for all items will be priced individually.

1. Elizabeth Swann 'Chinese robe' with peasant hat from 'At World's End'

Clean, worn once. Made from Chinese brocade, the hat was purchased from a costume company and distressed to look 'worn'. As is. Bust size 40. Price: $45

2. A Lot of Pirates of the Caribbean memorabilia (minus flag in background)
From top, left to right; One AWE Elizabeth figurine, AWE Pirate King Liz figure with globe, two lamps minus bulbs, 3 action figures out of package; Will, Jack and Norrington, One Will Turner AWE figurine, 2 boxes of Valentines, 2 Christmas stockings, 1 DMC mini poster, 2 Target wall art pictures. (Not pictured: 2 tin 'lunchbox purses') Price for entire lot: $100

3. Pirates of the Caribbean 2007 Fan Event package

Includes 'PotC Online' cd, matted art work and folder
Price: $5

5. Pirates of the Caribbean 'pop-up' book

Price: $3

I'm open to Paypal (add a $1 to any Paypal transactions, due to the fact that they take out that much) or snail mailing a check, (though Paypal is quickest). If you're interested in anything listed above, or have any questions, please leave a comment or private message me!
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